A Foot-ish Friday ( A Look In The Day )

Good morning.

On Friday morning I woke up and started the day by doing Pilates for legs then making myself breakfast and tea. After getting ready I went to one of the local sports medicine clinics to job shadow with a pedorthist. There were 5 patients for the half of a day that I was there. Two picking up new pairs of orthotics, one needing an adjustment to a current pair, and two getting assessments. The first 2 were picking up new pairs. They brought in their shoes that would have the orthotics in them and I went with the pedorthist into the workshop and watched as she carefully shaped each pair so they would easily fit into the shoes and not be uncomfortable. Then the patients would try on the new inserts and walk around to see how they feel, then that was the end of those appointments. The adjustment was adding in more support to the already existing orthotic. It was fairly fast, just gluing more under the arch. The assessments were longer. Sitting down with each patient the pedorthist got to know them and what their lives were like, how often they were on their feet, where the pain was, what was causing it, how to fix it, what kind of shoes they wear often and what the orthotic should be like to best fit their lifestyles. You get to meet so many people and get to listen about them, it’s like arts and crafts making the orthotics, and you get to help people solve  their pain. I’m quite excited about pursuing this career.



Once I was done hanging out at the clinic I went to go get new running shoes because I have done over 1,000km in the current pair and they hadn’t been that comfortable. Usually I really don’t like shoe shopping. I often struggle with decision making and there’s so many types of shoes out there, it ends up taking what feels like forever to actually pick a pair to come home with and often I’ve changed my mind and returned those. But this time it was shockingly good?! I showed the woman who worked there my running shoes and she said I had worn them down just where they’re meant to be so that style was good for me. I tried on maybe 10 pairs and found one that was really bright blue ( What’s the point of nice running shoes if they aren’t super colourful? ) and really comfy. Went home and had tea, and coffee, and more tea. I was tired, and cold, plus tea is where most of my happiness comes from. Wrote up the blog post for the day, then rowed on the rowing machine in the basement, ran and set a new personal speed record, and stretched.



The whole family had dinner together and after that I did exercises for my feet, then wrote more and after running and not sleeping too well went to bed.


P.S. It’s Peri

Career Path (#backstoryweek) 

There wasn’t a day where I just all of a sudden decided I wanted to go into some sort of physiology. It came gradually. I pretty much had no idea what I wanted to do until last year, besides quick interests and looking into a few careers by talking to an architect/interior designer and photographer and seeing what their work consisted of.


Sparking an interest.

Three agos I started to take an interest in living a healthier life ( see tomorrow’s post! ) which then brought up possible careers as a nutritionist, personal trainer, physician, and physiotherapist. I paid close attention to all the jobs at my doctor’s office and other health care places and decided that, frankly,  I wouldn’t be able to handle a career as a medical doctor with the stress, time spent in school, and things I might find gross. I was more interested in how the body moves, and improving mobility through exercises. Especially with being in dance and knowing many people who have needed physio and having used exercises to heal injuries myself.


Narrowing it down.

For awhile I stuck with wanting to be a physiotherapist because it was a good solid thing to tell people when they asked what I wanted to do and it was a good place to start searching for careers from. At the start of this school year in September I started to narrow things down to get more of a direction as to where my goals should be.


I went with my dad to a physiotherapist’s and talked to him about what he had to do to become a physiotherapist. He had gone to school for physiotherapy in India and moved to Canada and took the Canadian physiotherapy certification exam. Then he goes to different practises and works there. Physiotherapist heal with heat, exercises, massage and other alternative forms of medicine as opposed to healing with drugs or surgery.


There was also a kinesiologist in the practise so I got to talk to her about what becoming a kinesiologist was like. Kinesiologist is almost like a physiotherapist, but they heal with just exercises, so it’s less hands on. It also doesn’t require as much time spent in university. It requires going to school for a bachelor’s degree in kinesiology, then becoming certified.


I went along with my dad, again, to a sports medicine practise and talked to a pedorthist. Pedorthists specialise in making footwear to correct gait and pain in the lower limbs. It requires a degree in kin and then taking a course that prepares you to become a pedorthist. So not as much school as a physiotherapist but not as little as a kinesiologist.


What now?

Now that I have the 3 careers that I’m most interested in, with different levels of school for each but all with a basis of kin, I’m going to try to explore each more, then once I’m done the kinesiology programme I can make a decision once I’ve hopefully been able to explore more of all of the careers!


P.S. It’s Peri



Fitness Love (#backstoryweek) 

2013 was a very boring yet very exciting year. My family had just moved back to the city we lived in before we moved to the US, but when we got back everything was pretty much the same so it wasn’t as exciting as other moves.

Taking the first steps.

I was quite bored one day and decided to just take a little walk on the treadmill in the basement. Earlier in the winter before my family tried to do a couch to 5k programme by running intervals around the neighbourhood, and I hated it. It was always so cold and my legs would ache during the run and after it. But we kept it up all around Christmas and into the new year a little. Really it was just so I could pig out on cookies and not feel too guilty because I was a “runner”. Once we actually hit the part where we were running for more than 5 minutes at a time we stopped. But this day I was so bored and wanted to feel like “a runner” again so I walked on the treadmill for 30 minutes.


I had used Runkeeper before for the first time running and logged this new treadmill walk in. You can set goals there and it tells you once they’ve been completed so I set my goal to walk for 30 minutes 3 times per week. I would walk so slowly. So slowly that now I can barely walk that slow without it feeling super awkward. But you have to start from somewhere! To keep entertained I would get my reading done for the day. Soon 3 times a week progressed to every day besides a break, 30 minutes to an hour and soon it was a part of my daily routine.



Shortly after returning to Canada my mom signed me up for dance lessons at the local community centre. My parents signed me up for ballet almost as soon as I could walk. I can remember Saturday mornings at the studio and performing from really early on. I stopped dance when I was 7 and this would be the first time fully returning to it since then. Dance motivated me in my fitness to stretch and care for myself, to work other muscles besides just walking, and to try and improve. Everyday I would walk then spend half an hour practicing what I had learnt in dance and stretching to become more flexible.

Discovering Pilates.

After walking on the treadmill for a few months it had gotten kind of boring. My mom had done Pilates before and recommend I check it out to start to strengthen other muscles. I looked up videos on YouTube and discovered Blogilates! Starting with a beginner calendar, I did that for January 2014 and fell in love with Pilates. It’s similar to dance with lots of strength building and flexibility, it was fun and easy to keep organized as to what workouts to do because there’s always a Blogilates monthly calendar. I felt much stronger and could tell it improved my dance and running.

Making my own plan.

After switching between a month of Pilates then a month of walking I started to make my own plans. Using Google Doc I made my own plan basing it off of the Blogilates calendars and using her videos then adding in walks and runs to change things up and not get bored.


Since this spring I decided to start running by adding in some higher speed intervals and I’m currently trying to push myself to keep running faster and for longer periods of time.


With working out more came the want to eat better. I read about how to best fuel my body, about Canada’s food guide, and looked up new healthier recipes to try.



The original motivation to be healthier was not for weight loss but it did come along with everything. I had always been a chubbier kid and didn’t usually mind it terribly much, but I was very self conscious. After exercise I would always feel very accomplished and good about myself which helped with the consciousness, and once I started to see significant changes in myself it became an addiction and I constantly wanted to improve and get stronger. After one year of Pilates and walking I lost 60lbs and grew several inches since I was still in the process of growing.


Becoming a part of me.

Now this is one of my favourite things. To workout is the best part of my day, and I love finding new things to cook that are delicious and healthy!
I count making the workout calendars and doing all the workouts as physical education for high school and can count other things as health and hospitality.
That is the backstory of my ever continuing fitness journey!


P.S. It’s Peri

The apps and YouTube channel I’ve mentioned in this post I truly love and I’m mentioning because they’re very useful to me. This is not sponsored.