Welcome to my world 

I am Peri and welcome to my blog. I was looking around to see if other people had written about their lives being homeschooled through high school and didn’t see much that wasn’t from the parents’ point of view, so I decided to make my own. Here is a real look into what my life as a homeschooled high schooler is like. There’s going to be ups and downs but I tell it like it is, sometimes a bit messy. IMG_7226



Random facts

I’ve never been to school before.

This is my last year of homeschooling before hopefully going to university.

My parents originally decided to homeschool me and my brother because of my severe peanut allergy and schools were not careful about keeping food safe then. We discovered it was working well for us, so we kept it up.

My curriculum is a mix of things online and other books such as Math U See. I often change what curriculum I use to better fit my needs at that time.

I have 2 cats and a dog.

I’ve lived in both the US and Canada.

I want to do physiotherapy or some sort of physiology.

I run, do Pilates, weight lift, and any other workouts I can find.

Healthy eating, cooking and coming up with recipes are some of my favourite things to do and I may be addicted to smoothies.

I enjoy photography. All photos here are my own unless I say otherwise.

See my post on Homeschool FAQs for more on homeschooling.