Goals of 2019

New Year’s resolutions often have lots of pressure behind them, but I like New Year’s as a fresh start and time to make new goals. If any weren’t completed last year, then they can be a goal for the new year.


Goals of 2019


  • Post more consistently

    • The goal is 12 posts per month, around 3 per week. But, school is a priority so during the winter term it may be less. Once school is out for the summer posts will be more consistent.
  • Hit 2,000 followers

    • Just about at 1,500 followers at the moment!
  • Post more fashion?

    • It’s fun making outfits and it will bring some more blog content!
  • Hit 1,000 followers on Instagram

    • Maybe, possibly?
  • Figure out additional ways to monetize the blog

    • I will be starting to post more on how I blog. Currently have just set up Google Ads but there are more ways possible.



  • Continue working on running endurance

    • I have just started working on being able to run fairly slowly for a longer distance so working on increasing that is my goal.
  • And then running speed

    • Once my cardio endurance has been built up a bit I can start increasing my speed of running.
  • Daily stretching

    • Got to stretch more.
  • More yoga!

    • I always say this, then I’m always unmotivated to actually do yoga.
  • Daily meditation

    • Towards the beginning of last year I was consistently working on meditation but now I need to pick it up a bit.
  • Plan food to take to school

    • Will be making a meal plan for each term so I don’t get bored of lunches.



  • Better studying/time management

    • Studying more consistently throughout the term, scheduling everything and less procrastinating.
  • Possibly orientation volunteer

    • Mayyyybe.
  • Volunteering/job shadowing

    • During the summer job shadow some more.
  • Get CPR & First Aid certified

    • It’s pretty much required for all healthcare related jobs so it will be good to have.
  • Maybe, possibly, yoga instruction training

    • Again, mayyyybe.



  • Learn skincare

    • To lessen makeup wearing which saves time & money and it’s also a good hobby. As well, as part of health. I’ll be posting trying out products and making homemade ones!
  • Actually legit drive

    • Have to get the next part of the driving license. And practice a lot.
  • Use social media less

    • For better mental health and to save more time.
  • Get more plants for my room and pick flowers in spring

    • I had 4 cacti but now I’m down to 2.



P.S. It’s Peri

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10 thoughts on “Goals of 2019

  1. brunchingbookworms Reply

    You have so many goals for this year! Good luck with them all ☺️ I have just started using the Headspace app to help me with meditation, it’s not something I have done before but feel it is something I need to learn and take time to do. Happy 2019 😄

    1. psitsperi Reply

      I love Headspace! I had the free trial then explored some Youtube channels for other guided meditations. Good luck with your meditation practice and have a great 2019! ☺️

      1. brunchingbookworms Reply

        Thank you, I am loving headspace so much that I have decided to pay for it but will look on youtube too 😄 have a great 2019 too ☺️

  2. charemmalouise Reply

    Wow that’s a lot of resolutions, you are going hard this year! Have you given yourself any target deadlines for any of these? Sometimes the year can run away from us and we get to summer realising we haven’t achieved much at all… but on the contrary, that can be OK too! We’re still students so sometimes that means putting our education and study time first in order to prioritise! One of the new update functions I found on my iPhone is that I can tell it to block me from using social media apps for a specific amount of time. I think that is something I will be using to up my productivity levels! Good luck with everything and keep us up to date!

    1. psitsperi Reply

      thank you!! yes! I’ve been watching the screen time data on my phone and trying to lessen the amount of social media from there. I have some mental deadlines but find that puts a lot of pressure on myself so tend not to focus on that too much. hope you have a great year ☺️

  3. Norah Reply

    That’s a lot of goals. Good luck!

    1. psitsperi Reply

      thank you!!

  4. Prachi Reply

    Great goals! I’ll probably be braving my fears along with you on the driving goal since that’s one of my goals for this year too.. haha 😊

    1. psitsperi Reply

      yes!! we got this! 🙌

  5. wevegotpockets Reply

    Driving is fun, but I desperately want to learn how to drive a stick shift. Maybe this summer….

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