How I’m Trying To Get Through University Debt-Free

I was wary about wanting to go to university initially because it can cost so. Much. It doesn’t make a lot of sense to start your adult life in debt or with very little money in general. But, often what you get out of university you can’t get anywhere else. In my case of wanting to be in healthcare, it is hard to get a job where you haven’t been to post-secondary school.

Because of this, I have made it my goal to get through debt-free. This will encourage me to get real-life work experience, allow me to justify school more, begin adult life more financially stable and be able to also afford graduate studies if that’s the path I choose.

How I’m working on getting through school debt free

Currently, I have implemented a few plans.

  • Scholarships – I talked about scholarships in a previous post. I have also read that it’s a good idea to apply for at least 3 a year. So, in future years I will continue to apply for more scholarships.
  • The blog – I have set up ads on the blog which provide a small income. Every little thing helps! And as the blog grows, so does the income.
  • Staying at home – Instead of moving out for school, I will be staying at home. Then I don’t have to buy food, furniture or anything for decorating, or pay rent or extra fees for residence.
  • Choosing a school near home – This way I can bike or take public transportation into school as opposed to getting a car.
  • A cheaper school program – Completely accidental, but I chose one of the cheapest programs that the university offers.
  • Working part-time during school – I work when school is out to make more money to pay for school and save for the future.
  • More work experience – In the school program there are terms special for just working and getting experience. This will help in the future for getting a better job as well as bring in extra income.


Saving money is definitely key and lots of opportunities for a little income all add up.


P.S. It’s Peri

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11 thoughts on “How I’m Trying To Get Through University Debt-Free

  1. LaRena’s Corner Reply

    Right on! Love to hear from the high school student who was homeschooled. I am on the tail end of my homeschooling years, as my son only has a few more years. My kids have never been to public school except to compete. You GO!!

    1. psitsperi Reply

      Thank you so much!! There will be more on my university experiences coming soon so I hope you enjoy future posts and thank you for reading! 😊

  2. Maria H. Reply

    It will be so worth the effort when you are done!

    1. psitsperi Reply

      I hope so!!

  3. Brave Grey Cat Reply

    University fees are on the cheap side here in Italy, but life as a university student can surely be extremely expensive. When I started my undergraduate degree I made many of the decisions you’re also making (living at home, studying at a university not too far away) and it has really been so beneficial to my bank account 😀 you’ll surely be thankful to yourself for making this choice 🙂

    1. psitsperi Reply

      It seems like it will definitely help! I’m glad it’s working well for you ☺️ I would love to go to school in Italy!

  4. home/instead Reply

    Both my husband and I had no debt entering into marriage and it has been a HUGE blessing! One of the top stressors in a marriage is finances so this has been nothing but a source of peace! Whether marriage is in the future or not you will be SO glad to enter into life after college with less debt! You are so wise! 🙂

    1. psitsperi Reply

      Thank you so much! Overall it should be a lot less stressful.

  5. wevegotpockets Reply

    Living at home takes care of some many fees it seems.

    1. psitsperi Reply

      Yes it does! Plus, I get to stay with my pets.

      1. wevegotpockets Reply


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