18 Notes To Myself For My 18th Birthday

Tomorrow is my 18th birthday (the Internet keeps pointing out how it’s Aries season, also my fourth Friday The 13th birthday) since that is often considered the start of adulthood this post will be on a note to my future self going through adult life, mixed with “things I’ve learnt so far”.

To Peri

  1. Be friendly! People are always way less friendly than you’re expecting and it’s nice to see people who are genuinely friendly.
  2. Consistently doing things to work towards goals is key and makes them easier to achieve. Make working towards goals part of your everyday habits.
  3. Tea solves all problems, also smoothies.
  4. And good music. Even if it’s what might be considered weird.
  5. Hard workouts are satisfying and it also correlates with doing small steps towards goals everyday.
  6. Always push yourself because you’re always better than you think.
  7. Draw lots!
  8. And take picture to savour every beautiful things in the moment.
  9. Pet cuddles are great but cats might try to kill you haha.
  10. Fairy lights need to be everywhere possible.
  11. Reading isn’t too bad if you’re reading something you enjoy.
  12. Drink lots of water then drink even more because you’re probably not hydrated enough.
  13. To pre-teen Peri, you didn’t make it through without acting like a teenager at all.
  14. But also, 18 doesn’t magically make you an adult.
  15. Doing schoolwork is better than being bored. And nothing good comes from procrastinating.
  16. The outdoors is your friend but mosquitoes aren’t. Otherwise it’s fine.
  17. Good clothes make you very happy.
  18. And always do your best.

This post felt very cheesy. 😂 I’m curious, do you all like having big birthday celebrations or do you keep it lowkey? What kinda of things do you do for your birthday?

P.S. It’s Peri

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35 thoughts on “18 Notes To Myself For My 18th Birthday

  1. Brad Benjamins Reply

    Happy (early) 18th Birthday!! I generally don’t have big birthday celebrations, but just celebrate with my family or perhaps have a friend over. I am ALL about #10. I totally agree, you should see my bedroom!! 🙂

    1. psitsperi Reply

      Do you have fairy lights everywhere? They are THE BEST! And thank you!!

      1. Brad Benjamins Reply

        Not everywhere, just in my bedroom 😉 I would put them all over the place, though! 🙂 They are AWESOME!!! My pleasure!

        Check these out! I have both of them! They make my bedroom look really cool! No matter where you live, the website has NO TAX, and FREE SHIPPING!!



        1. psitsperi Reply

          Those do look really cool! A house of fairy lights would be awesome 😂

          1. Brad Benjamins Reply

            Yeah! For sure! 😊

  2. petiteloulou25 Reply

    Happy birthday! 😀

    1. psitsperi Reply

      Thank you!!!

  3. Button-Eyed Reader Reply

    Happy Birthday!!

    1. psitsperi Reply

      Thank you very much!!

  4. Gracie Marchiani Reply

    Happy Birthday!! 😀

    1. psitsperi Reply

      Thank you!!

      1. Gracie Marchiani Reply

        My pleasure! How was your birthday?

        1. psitsperi Reply

          It was really good, I just posted about it actually! http://psitsperi.com/2018/04/i-met-an-online-friend-and-it-wasnt-creepy-niagara-falls/

          1. Gracie Marchiani Reply

            Awesome!! 😀

  5. Lizzy Reply

    Happy Birthday! Great post! 😊❤ I love all your notes! Ahhh, yes #10!!

    1. psitsperi Reply

      Thank you so much! ☺️ And yes fairy lights!! ✨

  6. audrasbookblabbing Reply

    Happy early birthday!!!!

    1. psitsperi Reply

      Thank you!!!

  7. lizzysweeklyblogs Reply

    Happy birthday have a great one….all I can say is I don’t remember mine as much not that wildly exciting if your in the U.K. you’re officially allowed to drink. I’m not much of a drinker aka alcohol. Have a great birthday.

    1. psitsperi Reply

      Thank you!!

      1. lizzysweeklyblogs Reply

        You’re welcome

  8. gaillovesgod Reply

    Happy Birthday! God loves you!
    I keep it low key, if I even bring it up.
    But it is absolutely a testimony to the Lord!
    May you be blessed with yours!! 🙂

    1. psitsperi Reply

      Thank you so much!

      1. gaillovesgod Reply

        PTL 🙂

  9. Beth Reply

    Many ideas here seem worth discussing, but one in particular caught my eye.

    “But also, 18 doesn’t magically make you an adult.” All 18 does for you is make you old enough to vote, buy cigarettes, or join the Army. I hope you understand the implications there.

    As for birthdays? Most adults never think twice about what day it is. We usually celebrate for children or the aged so they have a reason to be thankful they have lived one more year.

    1. psitsperi Reply

      Yes, I was thinking it doesn’t magically mean you are mature if you were not beforehand, if that makes sense. Or doesn’t limit my ability to do things that I would normally, just because of an adult label.
      I enjoy the reason to celebrate, too, as a way to change things up a bit so everyday is not the same and make more memories.

  10. SalGallaher Reply

    Happy 18th! Have a wonderful day 😊🌷

    1. psitsperi Reply

      Thank you so much! 💐

  11. Diana Reply

    Happy birthday to you!! ☺ May your day be filled with happiness! I read Aries rules the head/mind. I’m an Aries myself and we are constantly thinking (perhaps that’s why we blog!) You have a great day!

    1. psitsperi Reply

      Thank you so much!! True, need a place to get all of the thoughts out

      1. Diana Reply

        Agreed! A blog is the perfect place!

  12. theblogofthings12 Reply

    Hey, this is Zielle on my brother’s user. He’s starting a blog. 😉
    Happy happy late birthday!!!!!! <3 Sorry I didn't see this sooner. :/ I thought I saw somewhere that you did a birthday post, but I couldn't find it because I forgot you started this blog! Do you have a follow button?

    1. theblogofthings12 Reply

      Oh sorry!! I was thinking of another blog (you have similar user names XD). Sorry if I confused you!

    2. psitsperi Reply

      I will make sure to follow his blog ☺️ there should be a follow button at the bottom of my site! And thank you!

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