Seeking Style 4 – Where To Shop, Why Shop Online + Series Is Back!

A little while ago I started the series Seeking Style about finding your own personal style and basically how I shop for my clothes because it has become a process. The last post in the series was March ( whoops! ) so now I’m bringing it back with more tips! You can check out Seeking Style 1, 2 and 3 here!


Narrow stores down

There are so many clothing stores, so I find it best to narrow down where you will shop to just a few stores so it doesn’t become overwhelming. Figure out if you’re looking for high quality ( more expensive ) or lower quality ( cheap! ) clothing. It’s good to buy high quality for classic pieces you know you’ll wear for awhile and not get bored of or pieces that won’t go out of style, then trendy things can be fun and don’t need to be the highest quality. I get bored of my clothes pretty easily so I tend to buy things that may not be the highest quality but I get enough enjoyment out of them before they wear out.


Shop online for better deals

There are lots of benefits to shopping online, a big one is you can get much better deals! Before shopping online sometimes it’s good to go in person to stores, figure out what sizes work well for you, what stores you’re going to shop at, basically just stake out the place to figure out what you’re going to buy, then find things online that you wish to purchase. Stores will often give you a discount for signing up for their email list, don’t sign up unless you’re going to be buying things soon because the discounts expire! I have several emails and will sometimes sign up again with another email address, that’s probably not really allowed but I need the discounts. You can watch the stores website for sales and combine it with the email discount, too. There are often coupon codes to add to the deals which you can’t get in person. I also like getting packages in the mail and the anticipation for things to arrive. Overall, I just prefer shopping online for clothing.


Do you prefer shopping online or in person for clothes?



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P.S It’s Peri

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4 thoughts on “Seeking Style 4 – Where To Shop, Why Shop Online + Series Is Back!

  1. Deneen Reply

    I like both online and in the store shopping. Online is so convenient sometimes but I don’t want to shop online all the time as I worry the local stores will go out of business. Sadly, sometimes you can only find what you want online. Getting packages in the mail is really enjoyable though!

    1. psitsperi Reply

      Supporting local stores is a good point! I haven’t found any local stores that are reasonably priced, though, so I stick to online 😂

  2. backtoblessed Reply

    Great advice and ideas! I like going shopping both online and in stores. For jeans I must go to the stores and try them on as all jeans it seems are made completely different than the others.
    I have mostly bought cheap items and have recently realized that my favorite items were the well made clothing I have gotten. I notice a difference in the fabric covering me, the way it flows and how it holds up in the wash!
    For myself, I love KOHLS ..they have some amazing deals and this momma of soon to be 8 is pretty frugal. I find their policy where they will let you return items no matter what is so nice!
    They often have nice jeans for my rough and tumble boys that are priced at 40 each..but I get them on sale for under 20 for Levis brand.

    I have gotten many clothes there that lasts and is made with good quality threads… instead of cheap thin clothing from places like Walmart.. but we truly get what we pay for!

    1. psitsperi Reply

      True about the jeans!! They are especially good to try on in store. We don’t have Kohls in Canada but when I lived in the US I loved them!

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