Motivation To Do Schoolwork In Grade 12

The motivation for doing schoolwork can be so hard, especially during the winter when the days a dreary and the last thing you want to do is school.


Grade 11 vs 12 motivation

Last year, motivation was pretty low around this time of year since it was post-winter break and everything seems dull until spring starts to pop up. This year, I feel pretty highly motivated to get school done, so much so I’ve been getting done a week’s worth of work in a couple days.


Highly motivated in grade 12

I think the motivation to get schoolwork done gets easier when there’s an end in sight and once I’m done this grade it’ll be done for high school. In previous years I have not taken summers off, instead, I took off a few days here and there when I felt like it. That can be very good for when you feel like you really can’t do schoolwork and need a break. But, having a set “I will be done school” point helps to motivate to get to that point. I’m trying to have a combination of both, do as much school as I can while I’m feeling super motivated then taking a few days off ( weekends or days when I’m busy doing other things ) with the end point of whenever all of my courses are finished. The end feels close enough that I’m trying my best to get to that point as soon as I can with still learning everything. The downside of the days when I get lots of schoolwork done is there is sometimes a “crash” day where my brain is mush, that’s when it should be a break or an easier work day. Overall, I’m just looking forward to having all of the work done and that’s motivation enough to keep going.


How do you keep motivated during these dull months?


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8 thoughts on “Motivation To Do Schoolwork In Grade 12

  1. Stella Reply

    Ahhhh yes, it is so hard to be motivated in these few dreary months of the year! I literally just want to lay in bed all the time, but I get so much homework! Writing a to do list definitely works most of the time for me, and giving myself little rewards for every assignment :). Good Luck haha! Xx, Stell :).

    1. psitsperi Reply

      We need hibernation 😂 To do list is a good idea! Good luck to you, too 🙂

  2. ummhimayah Reply

    H- we have online tuition that starts in the mornings. They are more or less the only reasons I get up, that and homework.

    1. psitsperi Reply

      That would be a good motivator! Since I don’t use an online school, I do not have set times so it can be nice but also hard to keep motivated.

  3. ummhimayah Reply

    H- to do list works out for me too

    1. psitsperi Reply

      OOO yes!! I do that, too!

  4. Mish Mash Society Reply

    Omg!! I can relate everything you said is so true. I came to realise the best way to overcome this is by creating a routine that doesn’t exhaust and give me room to procrastinate to do my school work. You can check out my routine on my blog.

    1. psitsperi Reply

      True, a good routine is key! I guess finding the right balance between free time and getting things done.

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