Realistic Dream House

I love Pinterest and I’m probably very addicted to it. One of my favourite boards is my house one where I have been saving photos and creating an imaginary dream home that is hopefully not too crazy and more realistic.


Imaginary home tour

Navy blue, shaker style, little houses that look a bit like cottages are my favourite. With a nice big front porch to sit outside on. This colourful porch is a favourite of mine and fairy lights should be added everywhere possible. The more fairy lights the better!

Overgrown gardens filled with roses and hydrangeas remind me of Beatrix Potter and Peter Rabbit, maybe because they’re called English Country Gardens. It gives the place a whimsical feel and since it’s pretty wild there won’t be a lot of gardening work to do! Purple and pink window boxes also add more colour to the house and make it very lush.

I wasn’t aware that I had a very specific door in mind but this is what I keep pinning so this must be the door I like. A brightly painted door to go with the navy exterior and tie in some of the colours in the garden. And it maybe opens up half-way, but wouldn’t it just let in bugs since no one seems to put screens on those types of doors? The details of the house need to be worked out.

A navy blue kitchen to tie in the colour of the exterior and keep the house bright and colourful, with white upper cabinets or open shelves. White subway tile and white or butcher block counters to keep things simple. I haven’t found an eating area or dining room that I love yet but these are close, a few pops of colour with white walls and everything bright.

Some things I know very specifically what I like and others not at all. Living rooms are a good example, I like the white walls with accents from furniture and things to make the style easy to change, simple and personal. For powder rooms, I like round mirrors to contrast the harsh lines of the vanity and the rest of the bathroom and slightly crazy patterned black and white tile, since it’s not a lot of flooring might as well have fun with it.

The whole house appears to be very navy coloured, it’s perfect for bedrooms since it’s a very calm and peaceful colour.

Lots more subway tile! Again lots of colour, fun tile when there’s not a lot needed, and everything else very clean and simple. And clawfoot tubs, of course, since they’re just very cool.

My newest addition to the dream house is a home gym, heated and cooled separately so it could be kept very warm for hot yoga or cold for heavy cardio. And an overgrown backyard with lots of fairy lights!


Follow my home board here! Do you have a realistic dream home? What are some of your favourite home styles?


P.S It’s Peri

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All photos are from Pinterest and they are not mine.

19 thoughts on “Realistic Dream House

  1. GracieMarchiani Reply

    Sweet!! That was a super fun blog post idea!! I love it!!! 😀 <3

    1. psitsperi Reply

      Thanks, I’m glad you enjoyed it 😊

  2. Camie Reply

    This is fun! We are in the process of having a house designed for us, with all the features we want, and then we will build, for the first time, and I’ve started to think about how I want the inside to look, even though we will be bringing most of our furniture with us. I really want a beach theme and was just thinking I should start a Pinterest board to gather my thoughts!

    1. psitsperi Reply

      That sounds like it’ll be a cool project and the house will look great! Pinterest is a great way to gather all of the ideas

  3. Alicia Reply

    I love this idea! It makes it more tangible as well. Thank you for the virtual tour 😀

    1. psitsperi Reply

      Thank you!! I’m glad you liked it 😊

  4. Olga Isabelle Reply

    That’s such a cool idea, I love it and I love the dream home pictures. I’ve never used Pinterest but I think I should definitely start to!

    1. psitsperi Reply

      Yes you should start, but once you start it’s hard to get off of it 😂

  5. audrasbookblabbing Reply

    Your dream house is so mystical! I love it. 🙂

    1. psitsperi Reply

      Thank you!!

  6. Table for 8 Reply

    I love Pinterest. I think it is so fun to look at the possibilities.

    1. psitsperi Reply

      Yes!! It’s so good

  7. HaziWords Reply

    This is great! I’ve never thought of doing something like this!

    1. psitsperi Reply

      Thank you!!

  8. ateeninlovewithlifeblogs Reply

    I love Pinterest too! Its so much of a loophole though… when you get on it’s hard to get off! 😉

    1. psitsperi Reply

      That’s very true!

  9. ummhimayah Reply

    I like the blue one with the yellow door

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