March Break + University Tour

Hello, readers! Sorry, I’ve been so inactive, I was feeling kind of uninspired but I’ve had several blog post ideas and will be posting them for the next little while!


March break

I kind of forgot it was spring break here. The break should really be in February, by March I feel like I can make it through until summer but February feels like it’s never-ending. I only slightly this week off because I wanted to keep busy. Friends who go to school were off and bored so I got to get together with some of them and there was extra practice for dance because of the fast-approaching competition season.



One of the 3 main universities I’d like to go to was having an open house for spring break. I am very lucky to live close to several universities which really narrowed down my choices. This one is the closest, but I wasn’t too sure if their programme was the best. Now it might be my first choice after having spent the day there it felt like I could live there and be comfortable and I’m excited about their Kin programme! I got to see some of the labs, hear about what it’s like studying there and explore the campus, plus got to tour one of the residences which were really nice. Since I still have another year before applying to universities this was sort of just to stake out what this particular university is like.


How did you spend your March break?


P.S It’s Peri

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4 thoughts on “March Break + University Tour

  1. nidxi Reply

    Going to open days of university is fun, it gives you idea whether you will fit in or not. I hope you will make the best choice for yourself… as last year I was going through the same phase 😊

    1. psitsperi Reply

      Thank you!! It was quite fun 😊

  2. Emily Reply

    Are you thinking of only applying to the universities close to you, or looking at more distant places as well? I had a mix of both when applying this past fall.

    1. psitsperi Reply

      A mix seems like a good idea! I’m probably just sticking to the schools close by since there are several that provide what I’m looking for.

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