The S Word – Socializing ( #homeschoolproblems )

Every homeschooler has probably been asked at one point “But how do you make friends?” or had relatives ask about how you’re getting “socialized”. It makes me think of when my family had just gotten our dog and we were doing training at PetSmart and they said to make sure the dog was socialized so he wouldn’t be afraid of other dogs.


History of my socializing?

I’m not going to lie, I haven’t done the best with socializing. That just made it sound like I have never seen people, or I’m a hermit, but no, here’s the story:

My first friends were probably my neighbours when I was really little then at some point really early on we joined the local homeschool group and were quite active in there, plus when you’re little you kind of have to go with your parents everywhere so I was really comfortable with talking to adults. I was always called shy, though, probably because I wasn’t that crazy of a little kid and would just stand by and join in the conversation with my parents and other adults when it seemed fit. We lived near a park so I would make friends with kids who regularly visited the park, I took lots of different lessons, there wasn’t a lack of socialization at all! When I was 8 we moved into a typical suburban neighbourhood with the hopes of more kids my age around. It took awhile, but eventually, I met other kids in the neighbourhood ( and I’m still good friends with some today! ) and we had a pack of lots of kids that would roam the neighbourhood. Plus on top the neighbourhood pack, I still had Taekwondo, homeschool group, and other classes.

When I was 11 we moved to Louisville, Kentucky. It was a huge change, and I had to leave all my friends from Canada. At that point, I think the stress from moving had kinda gotten to me and I was actually a little relieved to be left alone for awhile. Looking back that would have probably been a time when I needed to have friends most, but live and learn! I really didn’t feel like I needed them, though, so it didn’t bother me then. I made a few online friends from games I would play, and I would try to Skype my friends back in Canada at least once a week, plus we were exploring the new city so I wasn’t sheltered or alone. We tried to get into the homeschool group there a bit, and I took a couple classes and met some people there but didn’t really become friends. We moved into a neighbourhood in Kentucky and my brother made good friends with the neighbour boy which was good because I didn’t always have to join in the games but could when I wanted to.

After 2 years of being in Kentucky, we moved back to where we originally came from in Canada and I got to see a few of my old friends again. A lot of the homeschoolers had gone off to high school or went the next year, so I didn’t really see a lot of them again. This is where things kind of went the wayside. Being back in the same city and older so I didn’t have to go with my parents everywhere, I started staying home more and was less motivated to actually meet friends. A little while after moving back, though, I joined a  dance class and did some things in the homeschool group. I honestly don’t remember 2014 for some reason, but I still didn’t get out too much and made a few new online friends again. 2015 was pretty much the same, and so was 2016. I didn’t really realize how much work one has to put into making friends especially if you’re homeschooled and have to try to get out more. I’m naturally a pretty friendly person, though, so that isn’t an issue. I’ve figured out several ways to get out and make friends and this year I got this!


Some tips

It has been a bit of a struggle, and something that I wish I had realized doesn’t magically happen and takes work and is important, but now I’ve figured it out and can work on it!
If you are homeschooling or going to start and this is a concern my advice would be to figure out how much socialization you need, are you an introvert or extrovert? Then work with that and try to plan things out of the house, take opportunities to do things. If you feel like you’re being deprived of social interaction then just do even the smallest thing to get out or talk to people, even if it’s through social media or on the phone. Like I said before, it doesn’t just magically happen, you have to go out and be friendly yourself. And if you’re a homeschool parent, don’t forget it’s important for you to get out, too and talk to people if you can! I know it’s wayyyy easier said than done but with some effort, it starts to become easier.


P.S. It’s Peri


16 thoughts on “The S Word – Socializing ( #homeschoolproblems )

  1. Elsie L.M.C Reply

    Brilliant post! I wish I’d read something like this when I was being homeschooled 😊

    1. psitsperi Reply

      Thanks so much!!

  2. wormalblog Reply

    Love this post! I have family that are homeschooled, but they’ve luckily found friends through church and such(:

    1. psitsperi Reply

      Lots of people do that which is a really good way!

  3. kabeeammara Reply

    Love this post. My son is five but I want to homeschool him for the most part. However the idea of how will he socialize and make friends has always been in the back of my mind. This was an interesting read. Thank you for the views as it will help me in the near future!

    1. psitsperi Reply

      I’m glad you liked it and hopefully it will help a bit. 😊 Good luck with all of your homeschooling, too!

      1. kabeeammara Reply

        Thanks! I am working on his IEP since he is autistic. It will be fun documenting his journey on the blog.

        1. psitsperi Reply

          True! I look forward to reading more of
          your posts

  4. MG Reply

    I enjoyed reading your post. I have three boys and we have moved at least 14 times. My boys now have friends all over! Making friends is definitely a skill they have learned.

    1. psitsperi Reply

      That’s really great! And true, one of the benefits of moving is friends from all around! Between that and online friends I feel like everywhere I go there’s someone I already know!

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  6. Stephanie Reply

    This is so cool! I was also homeschooled, moved a ton, lived near Louisville for awhile, and made a lot of friends online. You have a wonderfully balanced, optimistic perspective here. Thank you for giving everyone a realistic glimpse into what socializing means for homeschoolers–challenges *and* victories!

    1. psitsperi Reply

      That is super cool!! It’s a small world 🙂 And thank you!

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  8. motherlessduckling Reply

    I am so glad that you are writing this blog! As a homeschool alumni who did not have a great experience, I am really glad to read about yours because I want to always remember to be open and not black and white about it. I feel like with the oversight movement, there’s a real danger of the good experiences being downplayed and they shouldn’t be any more than the bad experiences. If there isn’t any communication of what’s good and what’s bad, then we can’t fix anything, and it’s so easy to become polarized. I admire your treatment of this sensitive issue and how it pertains to you as an individual.

    1. psitsperi Reply

      Oh my gosh that’s so great I really appreciate the support for the blog and I’m so glad you liked it! Also very true. It can’t only be sunshine and rainbows that are being talked about or the issues will never be sorted out.

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