This Week ( Dec 19th ) 

This week was pretty crazy with getting ready for Christmas and I’m so excited for actual Christmas Day to come!


I was planning on starting my winter break on Friday but ended up starting it on Monday. Monday morning and early afternoon was spent getting all the food we’d need for Christmas with my mom. It’s actually one of my favourite things to do the shopping with my mom because we play Christmas and Disney music really loudly in the car and end up having lots of fun! We got food for baking and for Christmas dinner, some more gifts for relatives, and cat food, because no one wants hungry cats in the house. Got home and had a nice cup of tea then worked out and relaxed after dinner before going to bed.



Tuesday was gingerbread day! In other years gingerbread baking has been kind of a chore, trying to have beautiful cookies and taking awhile to actually make, bake, and decorate. But this year was the best yet! I made the dough last week when I was bored and froze it so there was no worrying about putting it together and chilling it. 

We narrowed down the shapes to only a few that were sturdy enough so they didn’t all lose a head or something. I had great dreams of having beautiful cookies like these from Sweetopia

But when you aren’t getting lots of cookie decorating practice that’s pretty hard to do. 

At least I gave it a good shot lol. Cookie decorating has gotten worse with age. After baking up a storm, I worked out and relaxed then went to bed.


Wednesday was cleaning day! I journaled a lot because I had forgotten to write in there for a couple days. Then we all got the house ready for visitors and just as a winter clean up. Blasting peppy Christmas music makes it a lot more tolerable. After cleaning for awhile I made probably my favourite Christmas treat and that’s graham cracker “brittle”

It’s a layer of graham cracker, a layer of toffee and a layer of chocolate. Honestly can’t go wrong with anything toffee and chocolate. It’s super easy to make, too!


16 oz graham cracker ( 2 sleeves )

1 cup butter

2 cups brown sugar

12 oz milk chocolate chips
Preheat oven to 350F. Lay out graham crackers on a cookie sheet until the sheet is completely cover. Melt the butter and sugar in pot on the stove until sugar is desolved. Pour butter and sugar over graham crackers on the cookie sheet and spread evenly, then bake in the oven for 5 minutes. The toffee should be bubbly. Then remove from the oven and spread chocolate chips all over making sure they’ve all melted. Chill until chocolate is hard and enjoy!

Had tea and the some of the delicious brittle then ran. After dinner was ballet and I brought the teachers some of the gingerbread from the day before, got home, relaxed, then bed.



I felt so lost on Thursday I wasn’t sure what to do with myself. I can’t even really remember what I did so I’m thinking I didn’t really do anything. I did make Christmas crackers, though! They seem to be a more British or Canadian Christmas tradition since when I lived in the US they were never in stores. It’s a really weird tradition if you think about it. Christmas crackers are little cardboard tubes that are wrapped in festive paper and inside of the tubes are usually a candy, a paper crown, a really cheesy joke and a little toy. The crackers have a little almost firework inside of them so when you pull the ends it makes a pop. When you sit down for Christmas dinner everyone gets their own cracker and each hold the end of the person next to them’s cracker and everyone pulls at the same time. Whoever gets the biggest end of the cracker gets to keep what was inside of it. I started making my own a couple years ago and it’s really fun because then I get to choose what goes inside of them. This year I made tissue paper crowns, which I tried to get a picture of but the cat decided it was a good bed. 

A cheesy Christmas related joke. And little Rolo candies.

I went for a black and white colour palette because that was all the tissue paper we had. It was also dance day so I brought in brittle to class for everyone and then it was the last class of the year!


Friday was cooking day! For Christmas Eve my family is hosting my mom’s side of the family and we’re having appetizers. I made hummus, samosas, spanakopita, more brittle ( because it’s so good and there needs to be a constant supply ) and shortbread! Shortbread is quintessential Christmas for me. I remember being really little and using the cookie press to pump out shortbread for Christmas. They always turn out quite pretty and are one of the best tasting baked goods. 

My brother and I spent almost all day making shortbread but it was well worth it. After that I ran, and then fell asleep while watching a Christmas movie. Now I’m all ready for Christmas!!
I hope everyone has fun, safe and happy holidays!! ❤❤


P.S. It’s Peri

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