Christmas 2016 

This Christmas felt like a bit of a whirlwind and I can’t believe it’s already over and it’s almost 2017?!? I’m also a little glad it’s over, to be honest.

Christmas Eve

The morning was getting things together for food that needed to be made for later on in the day, making sure all the gifts were wrapped and under the tree, and final tidy up. Then I did a long run to burn off any of the extra energy from being excited and because there was going to be a lot of food! For Christmas Eve my mom’s side of the family comes over and we have a wide variety of appetizers. 

We all ate and chatted and opened gifts. Then, once it started to get dark, the rest of the family left and then we went to the park to see the display of lights that is put up every year.

It wasn’t too cold so it was actually really nice to just walk around the park with all of the people. Then after going home we watched some Christmas specials and I fell asleep. At around 11 my brother and I went to our rooms to sleep but I didn’t (oops) I stayed up all night on a Skype call with 5 of my friends and had Friendsmas ( More on that later! ). They all either went to bed or left the call before 5am so I tried to sleep a little but didn’t and before I knew it my brother was up as well.

Christmas Day

We waited in my room until we thought it was a slightly reasonable time to get our parents up. This was one of the only Christmases where we had to get our parents up, usually my mom wakes my brother and I up. Everyone went downstairs and had a breakfast of cinnamon rolls which I had made before and then frozen to have Christmas morning. 

And lots of coffee and tea because it was too early for anyone to actually function.

This year I didn’t really ask for anything. Everything I thought I wanted I would change my mind the next day. So I just asked for money and journals because I have a journal collection and try to write everyday.

I got some beautiful journals, and a bunch of other things that I’m really happy with! After opening gifts I fell asleep which was good since I hadn’t slept all night, then woke up to Christmas lunch which was left over things from the appetizers the day before. Then I wrote in my journal and had a cup of tea while everyone else relaxed while waiting for my grandparents and aunt came over. We chatted with them then opened gifts and had another round of appetizers, and chatted more and I probably fell asleep at some point again, then we had turkey dinner, packed up some leftovers for the family to take home, then we relaxed before going to bed and ending a great Christmas Day.
Christmas traditions have changed a lot through the past couple of years between moving and not having family near by, and being a little kid where I would get super excited and couldn’t even believe Christmas happened to being a teenager and trying to find new things in Christmas to be excited for. This Christmas felt like a transitional one but it was still really good!


I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday!

P.S. It’s Peri

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  1. Jirah Merizz Reply

    You received such nice things! It’s so lovely x

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