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There wasn’t a day where I just all of a sudden decided I wanted to go into some sort of physiology. It came gradually. I pretty much had no idea what I wanted to do until last year, besides quick interests and looking into a few careers by talking to an architect/interior designer and photographer and seeing what their work consisted of.


Sparking an interest.

Three agos I started to take an interest in living a healthier life ( see tomorrow’s post! ) which then brought up possible careers as a nutritionist, personal trainer, physician, and physiotherapist. I paid close attention to all the jobs at my doctor’s office and other health care places and decided that, frankly,  I wouldn’t be able to handle a career as a medical doctor with the stress, time spent in school, and things I might find gross. I was more interested in how the body moves, and improving mobility through exercises. Especially with being in dance and knowing many people who have needed physio and having used exercises to heal injuries myself.


Narrowing it down.

For awhile I stuck with wanting to be a physiotherapist because it was a good solid thing to tell people when they asked what I wanted to do and it was a good place to start searching for careers from. At the start of this school year in September I started to narrow things down to get more of a direction as to where my goals should be.


I went with my dad to a physiotherapist’s and talked to him about what he had to do to become a physiotherapist. He had gone to school for physiotherapy in India and moved to Canada and took the Canadian physiotherapy certification exam. Then he goes to different practises and works there. Physiotherapist heal with heat, exercises, massage and other alternative forms of medicine as opposed to healing with drugs or surgery.


There was also a kinesiologist in the practise so I got to talk to her about what becoming a kinesiologist was like. Kinesiologist is almost like a physiotherapist, but they heal with just exercises, so it’s less hands on. It also doesn’t require as much time spent in university. It requires going to school for a bachelor’s degree in kinesiology, then becoming certified.


I went along with my dad, again, to a sports medicine practise and talked to a pedorthist. Pedorthists specialise in making footwear to correct gait and pain in the lower limbs. It requires a degree in kin and then taking a course that prepares you to become a pedorthist. So not as much school as a physiotherapist but not as little as a kinesiologist.


What now?

Now that I have the 3 careers that I’m most interested in, with different levels of school for each but all with a basis of kin, I’m going to try to explore each more, then once I’m done the kinesiology programme I can make a decision once I’ve hopefully been able to explore more of all of the careers!


P.S. It’s Peri



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    hi mum

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      OH HI IM SO PROUD YOU MADE AN ACCOUNT plus also afraid 😂

  2. tyraanne11 Reply

    You have some great choices! That’s awesome that you’ve narrowed it down and are kind of able to go into any career as long as you have a kin degree! All of the choices sound great, and I’m sure you’d be awesome at them! 🙂

    1. psitsperi Reply

      Thank you so much!!!

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