A History Of My Homeschooling (#backstoryweek)

Deciding to homeschool.

From what I’ve heard my parents decided pretty early on that they would homeschool me. I don’t know if they had thought about it before this but we found out I had a very severe peanut allergy and they didn’t want to send me off that young to be possibly exposed to peanuts and it be life threatening. The schools did not have rules about having things nut-free then. Thankfully my mom was able to stay home and lead me and my brother’s education.



What I remember from the first while.

I don’t have a clear memory of the early days of “school”. I remember walking to the kitchen to get my school snacks before going into the dining room where we did our work when I was around 4. We have always used Math U See so I remember working with the blocks and doing math. The rest is a bit of a blur but I know I kept up with Math U See and lots of reading, travel, and we tried to get as many experiences as we could.



Kicking it up for grade 7-8

After having moved a few times within 2 years we got settled down enough to get a little more serious with school. I took an art class with a local co-op, Math U See , of course, lots of reading of classics and mythology and writing about the books once I was finished, the Life Of Fred books helped along with maink aboutth and English, I did Saylor academy English as well. It was more focussed on English through those years. We also moved internationally again so a lot of school was put on hold while in the process of moving.



High school.

For 2014, which would have been my first year of high school, I did math, Life of Fred English, YouTube videos on French, Lively Latin, Khan Academy computer programming, read Shakespeare, read books on composers and painters, it was the year of classical education. I liked to pretend it was what royalty was learning in the 1700s. From what I’ve read a few universities didn’t need anything from grade 9 so that wasn’t as big of a deal as the rest of the other grades.  Grade 10 and 11 we went full force, taking philosophy ( Actually my favourite because it gives me things to think about, like how dogs enjoy bones to gnaw on I enjoy philosophy for my brain to gnaw on. ) physics, chemistry, biology, geometry, pre-calc + trig, statistics, Duolingo French, Duolingo Hungarian ( which is so hard I actually rarely get to it ) Lively Latin ( If I can remember ) reading A History of The English Speaking Peoples by Winston Churchill, a series of Canadian history books, videos on Can history, occasionally composer study if I’m in the mood to read it, and lots of reading of classics and self improvement books. It honestly gets so overwhelming and I often don’t get a lot of it done but those will be other posts!

That’s the end of #backstoryweek for now and hopefully that set a bit of a basis and let everyone get to know me!

P.S. It’s Peri

7 thoughts on “A History Of My Homeschooling (#backstoryweek)

  1. gracie chick Reply

    I like how you say that you pretended it was the 1700s! I do that sometimes. Thanks for the follow!

    1. psitsperi Reply

      That makes me feel not alone in some of my craziness, thank you 😂

      1. gracie chick Reply

        You’re welcome! 😉

  2. Doni W Reply

    Wow, it must be adventurous being home schooled! I’m sorry about your peanut allergy, I have a allergy which I am allergic to dust mites which are found in carpets! >_> Not awesome but oh well!
    It is nice to meet you and appreciate the follow!
    All the best and hope this new year rocks! 😀

    1. psitsperi Reply

      My brother also has a dust mite allergy and yeah it seems like it sucks! Nice to meet you as well and thank you so much for all the support on my blog 😊

      1. Doni W Reply

        No worries, gorgeous! <3 Really, your bro has it too? Tough luck, can relate! It is actually not that bad, I just need to constantly clean the carpet regularly. 😛

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