A Foot-ish Friday ( A Look In The Day )

Good morning.

On Friday morning I woke up and started the day by doing Pilates for legs then making myself breakfast and tea. After getting ready I went to one of the local sports medicine clinics to job shadow with a pedorthist. There were 5 patients for the half of a day that I was there. Two picking up new pairs of orthotics, one needing an adjustment to a current pair, and two getting assessments. The first 2 were picking up new pairs. They brought in their shoes that would have the orthotics in them and I went with the pedorthist into the workshop and watched as she carefully shaped each pair so they would easily fit into the shoes and not be uncomfortable. Then the patients would try on the new inserts and walk around to see how they feel, then that was the end of those appointments. The adjustment was adding in more support to the already existing orthotic. It was fairly fast, just gluing more under the arch. The assessments were longer. Sitting down with each patient the pedorthist got to know them and what their lives were like, how often they were on their feet, where the pain was, what was causing it, how to fix it, what kind of shoes they wear often and what the orthotic should be like to best fit their lifestyles. You get to meet so many people and get to listen about them, it’s like arts and crafts making the orthotics, and you get to help people solve  their pain. I’m quite excited about pursuing this career.



Once I was done hanging out at the clinic I went to go get new running shoes because I have done over 1,000km in the current pair and they hadn’t been that comfortable. Usually I really don’t like shoe shopping. I often struggle with decision making and there’s so many types of shoes out there, it ends up taking what feels like forever to actually pick a pair to come home with and often I’ve changed my mind and returned those. But this time it was shockingly good?! I showed the woman who worked there my running shoes and she said I had worn them down just where they’re meant to be so that style was good for me. I tried on maybe 10 pairs and found one that was really bright blue ( What’s the point of nice running shoes if they aren’t super colourful? ) and really comfy. Went home and had tea, and coffee, and more tea. I was tired, and cold, plus tea is where most of my happiness comes from. Wrote up the blog post for the day, then rowed on the rowing machine in the basement, ran and set a new personal speed record, and stretched.



The whole family had dinner together and after that I did exercises for my feet, then wrote more and after running and not sleeping too well went to bed.


P.S. It’s Peri

2 thoughts on “A Foot-ish Friday ( A Look In The Day )

  1. tyraanne11 Reply

    TEA IS LIFE. Seriously 😀 also, I really want to try rowing and curling, but I have zero upper body strength XD I should probably fix this before I try them 😛

    1. psitsperi Reply

      YES! Anywhere where there is tea is like my favourite place 😂 Rowing actually isn’t supposed to come from your upper body shockingly though it’s hard to get your upper body to not try to work, and curling seems so fun, I like watching it! We should try it sometime 😂

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